Flappy Bird 1.3

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Experience the journey of Flappy Bird, the flying flappy disk, through the planet by dodging obstacles. Gain the most effective score and collect Floppy trophies.Flappy Bird may be a retro pixel art android platform game.The player who is in control of a flying flappy disk should dodge all the columns by going through the empty gaps so as to achieve the most effective score.Also, betting on the score the player gets, he can receive totally different Flappy Trophies.Start enjoying now and gain the best scores within the international ranking.r modern standards. It may be a game in a small package, but addictive!.this game is much difficult and different  then Temple run 1 and Temple Run 2 .flappy bird 1.3 can be run on any android device .we have provided free to download this pixel art game for your mobile.so download the flappy bird today and enjoy this android game with your friends.

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