Doodle Army 2 : Mini Militia - Online Multiplayer

Download Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia APK Mod Full From Here
Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia aka DA2, based totally on the original stickman shooter Doodle military, became created primarily based on participant remarks and guidelines. You should buy the seasoned pro pack to get full get admission to to dual wield ability, greater avatar customization items and online guns along with the rocket launcher, sniper rifle, laser, saw gun and extra!

Customers review:
i am playing this sport from pretty someday now. This recreation is amusing. But I suppose it must have a prestige button. It receives uninteresting after you reached commander in leader. A prestige button would make it extra interesting. I like it an awful lot or even upgraded to seasoned participant additionally. However all of a surprising, the game began to lag, bullets are coming and hitting invisibly, rocket control is so slow, reloading takes so much time, own electricity goes down so quick with  3 hits only in which as other player appears properly even with numerous bullets.

What's NEW
v.2.2.86 launch Notes
-constant display screen lag seen in menus and at startup whilst offline.
-fixed numerous problems round bills and log in.
-introduced greater sport servers (setting many round the arena.)

Subway Surfers RIO For Android

Subway surfers is an arcade game developed by Kiloo. You can download this game from Google play store. Subway surfers has different versions. You can download the RIO version of subway surfer from the link provided below. Well this game has 4.4 rating on play store which is not bad. Many people play this game and they are have been so addictive to it. The size of the game is 58MB and its not heavy loaded game that will harm your phone. You can easily install this game on your device. Subway Surfers Rio Unlimited Coins And Keys Apk Free Download For Android

Subway Surfers RIO For Android

Top 5 Android Games That You Will Love To Play

Top 5 Android Games That You Will Love To Play

Generally pc gamers do not like playing android games but there are many good games out there for android devices that will obviously make every gamer say WOW. Yes there are few games on android that is damn addictive. Here in this article today I am going to tell you some awesome games that you will love to play.

Android is very good operating system for mobile phones. I like Android and its UI. One of the best android versions is 6.0 that is marshmallow. Here are some of the best games for android that you will like to play. The list is given below.

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO

Of course this comes in the first list. Pokemon Go was released in 2016 and is one of the most quickly grown android games. This game has addictive features. Pokemon game is a realistic game that is developed by Niantic. This game is available for both android and iOS. This game has millions of searches per month on Google as shown by Google webmaster tool. This game was first released for some countries only not for all the countries but however there are some tweaks that you can apply to play this game in any country.

Clash Of Clans

Clash Of Clans

This game comes in the second place. Clash of clans is an interesting game for android and of course for iOS as well. This game is also addictive. In this game you have to manage your clan. You can attack on other’s village and beat them to score. This is online game so you cannot play this game offline in your mobile phone.

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers

You might have heard about this game. Its really addictive. Unlike Clash of Clans and Pokemon go, you can play this game offline as well. You don’t need to go online to play this game however if you want to compete with your friends then you can go online too. That’s how it works! You can get this game from Google play store

Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia 

Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia

Do you like shooting type games? Here comes Mini Militia. Mini Militia is an action android game where you have to fight with your opponents and kill them all to score higher, the more score you have the better rank you hold. Once the game ends, it will show you a list where you will find your score. This game is like Subway surfers, you can play both online and offline. This is a multiplayer game and you can play this online as well. If you wish to play multiplayer offline then it’s possible too. You can host and ask your friends to join that’s it. There are many hacks of this game is available. You can download mini milita unlimited ammo mod apk. This mod doesn’t require root access.

Clash Royale

Clash Royale

This game is much like clash of clans where you need to manage your village. You can purchase various items and add it to your village so that it will be more protected. You can attack on others to win. You can download this game from Google play store of get local apk into your pc and then trasnfer it to your phone.

Best VPN Application For Android - VPN One Click

VPN One Click is an android application that is used to tunnel your entire internet traffic through a vpn. Do you wish to get rid of being monitored by Government or other agencies? In this case, you can easily use VPN application to tunnel your traffic and get anonymous on the web.

VPN One Click is developed by Kryptotel fz llc and have over 87k active users. With VPN one click you can connect to various vpn by countries like Germany, USA, etc. You can get the premium version of the application as well. Well, this is not a review by the developer or any such sponsored. I am writing this post myself without being paid by the author of this app. I am sharing my views on this app. According to me, i love this vpn app. It helped me in various ways. While at school, i use to use this app to bypass the restrictions that my school applied on the school's WIFI. Ofcourse, this application allows you to access blocked sites as well.

You can get this application through Google Play Store or directly get a standalone version of this app. Here is the download link below.

VPN One Click Google Play

Subway Surfers


 Download Free latest Verison Of Subway Surfers For Android

Subway Surfers is free android game that keep you busy with interesting game of running and escaping.the new version of Subway Surfers is available on Google play store  and we have also provided there new version of this android game contain free of bugs and lots of fixes.Millions of people is playing this  free game around the world.some of action and graphic in this game is matching with Temple Run 1 and Temple Run 2.the idea of this Free android apps is to run away from Inspector and his Dog and you have to gain Coins.The game is totally based on coins.You can can gain coins and get lots of can use point to buy more things in games you can also buy points.This game contain Hd graphic and Speedy movement and lots of more things.So download Free Subway Surfers For Android from here .For those who can not download from Google play store,we have provided this android app to download free from here.We have provided free subway surfers.apk in .apk Format So download Free in .apk format and enjoy the free android game.You must have at-least android 2.1 or higher to play this game.

Installation Guide:     

If your using Mobile then just click on the download button bellow and install on your android mobiles.or if your on Computer just download from the link below to your comupter and Use Data Cable or Card reader to move the application from Computer to your SD card and then from mobiles install the application from SD card.

                         Download Free Subway Surfers.apk


You can also download other android games and android apps For free in our Android Market just Click here to see the our Android Market.

Angry Bird Android Game

Angry Bird Android Game Free Download , Angry Bird Complete Version Mobile Game Download , Instruction , Screens , Information , Download Links

Hey Friends. How Are You ? Hope You Are Fine Today Our Game Topic Is Angry Bird. Angry Bird Is Made By Finnish Computer Game. It Is Games OF Some Beautiful Birds. In 2010 Octuber , There Are About 12 Million Copies Were Sale From Apple Store. Angry Bird Is Best Mobile Game All Over The World. There Are Too Many Mobile Games But It Is Best One. It Is Work On Android Mobiles. There Are 2 Million People Download Angry Bird From All The Uploading Sites. Angry Bird Is Most  favorite Game Of Android Users. There Are Too Many Birds On This Game. It Is Like Adventure Game. Also There Are Many Series OF Angry Bird. These Are World Best Game Of Birds. Well, This Is One Of My Favourite Game Ever. I Usually Play This Game. Oh! I Forgot To Mention About Is Graphic Experience, It Has Great And High Quality Graphic. It Is Such A Same That You Will Try But Cannot Play On Low Quality Phones. Its Worth Trying. So, What Are You Waiting For, Don't Waste Your Time And Download This Awesome Game.

Angry Bird Android Game Free Download , Angry Bird Complete Version Mobile Game Download , Instruction , Screens , Information , Download Links

Angry Bird Android Game Free Download , Angry Bird Complete Version Mobile Game Download , Instruction , Screens , Information , Download Links

Skype v 4.9.0


                       Download Free Skype For Android 

Skype Android apk ,Now you can download latest version of Skype v 4.9.0 for your android device .Skype is also available for PC,Tablets,IOS,by using this application you will be able to send free SMS to your friends,after downloading this android app on your tablet or mobiles, you will be able to do video calls to your friends ,relative etc no matter where they are.Other person must also have Skype installed on his PC ,IOS,tablets then you will be able to contact him.this application is also available in Google Play store but we have provided free Skype for android Users.This Android Apps is same as Facebook,Viber,Twitter,Whatsapp .We have provided this app for free for android users So download this android application and enjoy this application  with your friends.

Extra: Case Clicker APK For Android


  • Free Voice calls.
  • Free Video calls ( By using front Camera  or Rear Camera)
  • You can send Free Pictures,Text,Videos,Images to your friends.
  • High Quality Video and Voice.


  1. Android 2.2 or Higher. 
  2. Wifi Or 3G Network.
  3. You need Microsoft account for logging in. or you create free Account By  sign Up for Skype. 


Flappy Bird 1.3

Download-free-flappybird.apk-for android

                            Download Free Flappy Bird For Android 

Experience the journey of Flappy Bird, the flying flappy disk, through the planet by dodging obstacles. Gain the most effective score and collect Floppy trophies.Flappy Bird may be a retro pixel art android platform game.The player who is in control of a flying flappy disk should dodge all the columns by going through the empty gaps so as to achieve the most effective score.Also, betting on the score the player gets, he can receive totally different Flappy Trophies.Start enjoying now and gain the best scores within the international ranking.r modern standards. It may be a game in a small package, but addictive!.this game is much difficult and different  then Temple run 1 and Temple Run 2 .flappy bird 1.3 can be run on any android device .we have provided free to download this pixel art game for your download the flappy bird today and enjoy this android game with your friends.

Free Download Flappy Bird.apk


Twitter 5.27.0 APK

                   Free Download Twitter For Android 

Twitter is best free social android application which permit you to connect with people.Twitter facilitate Users to get breaking news,technology info,get up on with native and world news. Twitter assist you to get near your  Ideals,Celebrities,Friends,discover additional regarding the items that you like and plenty of additional things.You can share tweet with apps like Facebook ,Viber ,Whats-app etc. you'll specific your self with text,pictures,videos and plenty of other thing on twitter.this android app is similar as Facebook,Whatsapp,Viber etc.So download the free Twitter for android and acquire your self connect with twitter.

               Download Free Twitter .apk for Android


Android Top 5 Hd Games Of 2014


             Android Top 5  Hd Games Of 2014

While a lot of people are substance to play 8-bit amusements like Flappy Bird, others want to exploit the high determination of their cell phones or tablets with some blindingly magnificent illustrations offered by numerous howdy def diversions for Android. Today we picked 5 of the best amusement whose illustrations are so practical they'll blow your mind and possibly your jeans as well.They are on of best Android HD games.Some HD games are free on Google Play Store but most of them are payable in Google play store .but there graphic are realistic. So lets move to Android Top 5  Hd Games Of 2014. 

                        Real Racing 3


One of best Android Hd Games.This game is free available on Google Play Store.This amusement has been very reprimanded by the extensive measure of in-application buys needed to be effective in the diversion, yet actually, Real Racing 3 is a standout amongst the most graphically great amusements Android has ever had the joy of knowing. Shockingly, this reflects itself in the application's weighty size, 1.6 GB to be exact. Yet it wins our hearts right back again with its amazing disconnected from the net mode (Offline Mode).Real Racing 3 is free available on Google play store .This game required Android 4.0 And higher. So download The Real Racing 3 and enjoy the best hd graphic of this games.


                Dead Trigger 2


The second form of the well known zombie killing diversion requires the high-performing equipment and when you play it on presentation with a high determination, it offers a graphical experience like no other. Regardless of the fact that you aren't a devotee of simple to use amusements (or weapons all in all), its value attempting it out to respect the illustrations. At the point when introducing, take regard of the 414 megabytes and the way that you can just play when associated with the web.Dead Trigger 2 is one of best Android Hd games .Dead trigger 2 game graphic is realistic.This game required Android 4.0 and higher.This game is avaible free on Google play store .and we have also provided free Dead Trigger 2 to download .  

        Ravensword: Shadowland                 


Shadowlands is one of best Android Hd RPG Games that offer an epic Adventure .You can move freely and search for random areas in this game. This game Graphic is realistic that's why this game consider in one of best Android Hd top games.This game required Android 4.0 or higher.An internet connection is only required at the start of the game.we have provided this game free so download the game and star enjoy the best moment of this game.

                  Wild Blood


Another Hd Android games.Wild Blood. Game is also consider in best Hd android games because of gameplay and graphic.which is additionally a paid application, has illustrations that will blow your mind. Wild Blood blends components from the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table with an activity diversion. In any case, don't hold up for there to be excessively of a story, what checks is the surprising symbolism. This diversion, created on Unreal Engine, is truly one of the best recreations for Android.This game also required Android 4.0 or higher but this game is not free in Google PlayStore.


              Assassin’s Creed Pirates

Another fantasy and last hd games of Android.this game graphic is realstic and very high definition.we land to a diversion whose gameplay matches its graphical greatness. The beginning stage of the diversion is a guide that will take you to numerous diverse missions, such as searching for an old companion or bringing home some ravaged plunder. Obviously, the route there is deceptive, loaded with impediments with firearms, swords and various types of privateer business. The diversion is worth each penny and not just on account of its representation.this game is payable in google play store.this game also required Android 4.0 or higher . 

Facebook For Android


Download Facebook.apk For Android

Facebook is one of best social Android App.Facebook app allow user to use free Facebook on his android Mobile.Over the millions of people is using Facebook So this Android app allow user to use Facebook on him Android Phones From anywhere in the world.Facebook social apps is also available for other platform like IOS,BlackBerry,Windows Phones etc.This Android App just need Internet Source Like WiFi etc.You can download free facebook.apk from our site.You can use this Facebook app to upload Pictures,Videos,You can change your Profile Pictures and lots of more things.So just free download  Facebook for Android todays .You can use free this app on Your Tablet Or mobile Liek Samsung Galaxy ,HTC etc 

                          Download Facebook.apk


Viber 4.3 For Android


                    Download Free Viber 4.3 For Android 

Viber is one of best Android Application which is used for free Calls,Sms,Image Sharing And lots of more thing from Your Android Device to any other Android Device.Viber is similar as Whatsapp but this contain more features than Whatsapp.This App allow user to make a free phone calls,free Sms ,sticker sender,images sender,video sharing ,Video messages to anyone who also has Viber installed Viber is also available on other platform like Iphones,Blackberry,Windows Phones But the Android users is more than others.We need WiFi Connection or any internet source to run Viber .Latest version   is Viber 4.3 .If you have not downloaded the latest version of viber yet then download latest version today.Over the millions of people is using Viber.So now its your time to Free download Viber.apk on your Android Phones.You can download latest viber version for your android tablet and android phones today.We have provided free Viber.apk for Android Users .So you can download free vibers latest Version  from our sites and start Chating with your friends today!!!  

                         Download Latest Verion Of  Viber 4.3